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Have A Little Faith

Description :
“Have a Little Faith” was in itself a mini-miracle – for the second month in succession, we had a book which everyone liked. Some had not wanted it to end because they liked it so much; another confessed that after reading it she thought she might make a good Jew and yet another was very relieved that it was not in the same mode as an earlier book, by Mitch Albom, Five People you might meet in Heaven.
It is difficult to exactly describe one’s reaction to this book. It is too thought provoking to use the word “enjoyed”, although there were moments that made one smile. In the same way, it would be hyperbolic to use the word “loved” because there were several moments when one felt “uncomfortable” as one recognised one of our own weaknesses or fallibility.
Mitch Albom tells the stories of two “Men of God” who were also just human, Rabbi Albert Lewis and Pastor Henry Covington. Two men from different religious traditions, different backgrounds, different races but who through keeping faith with their faith walked and talked closely with God in great humility.
This is not a “preachy” book. Each reader will find a different lesson or anecdote, which speaks to him/her. There is theology but not in a deep drowning sense, rather of common sense. It is often the manmade theologies, which separate men of faith from each other.
 Most religions teach us to love our neighbour. Then who our neighbour is doesn’t matter.
These men can recognise goodness and need and desperation in others whatever their creed and accept it. A blessing from a Christian to a Jew is still a blessing and vice versa.
It would be difficult to imagine two people in more differing situations: one a rabbi in a big American synagogue with every modern gadget; the other a pastor of “Am I my Brother’s Keeper Church, in a defunct decaying church building with huge holes in the roof, no heat and water being caught in buckets, who ministers to the homeless the drug addicts the alcoholics. But both of them know.
Some of the deepest problems which affect us are touched on in this book. How do you accept / come to terms with the death of a child? When do you pray and do you mean your prayers. Do you pray when you
have a good job, a good marriage, a happy family and life is good? OR do you bargain with God when life is the pits and do you keep your side of the bargain?
“Have a Little Faith” is both comforting and uncomfortable; makes you smile, at times ruefully; can be dipped into or read seriously but it is worth reading. It is not a book that having read it once, you will put away and never open again. You will want to turn to it and think once more. It is also a good present, if you don’t do Easter eggs. A thoughtful and pleasing gift at any time.

Author: Mitch Albom

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