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Information about the Central United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church (URC) is made up of a union of

  • the Congregational Church in England and Wales; (united in 1972)
  • the Presbyterian Church of England; (united in 1972)
  • the Re-formed Association of Churches of Christ. (joined in 1981)
  • the Congregational Union of Scotland (joined in April 2000)

The URC nationally is comprised of 

  • about 1600 local congregations;
  • 150,000 adults, children and young people;
  • with more than 800 servicing ministers, women and men.

Over 400 local churches are united with other denominations such as Methodist, Baptist, Anglican and Moravian.

The local churches are gathered into 13 geographical Synods:

  • Northern
  • North Western
  • Mersey
  • Yorkshire
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • Eastern
  • South Western
  • Wessex
  • Thames North
  • Southern
  • Wales
  • Scotland


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