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Who are we ?


We are a Christian church.   At the heart of our faith is God, who made the universe, and who loves us.  We believe that God has revealed himself to us in a variety of ways, but most importantly through Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus came from God, not to condemn us but to save us, and that he was born as a human being just like us.  Jesus spent some time teaching about God and showing God’s love through healings and other miracles.  He was executed, but rose to new life three days later.  We believe that he did this for us all – to free us from the hurt and the pain that we cause and feel, and from the fear that makes us so defensive and that divides us from God and from each other.   We believe that, just as Jesus was filled with the Spirit of God, God now sends his Spirit to the church to fill us with the new life that Jesus lives.  It is through this new life that God is drawing all people and all creation towards peace and unity in him.


So who are we?  We are just ordinary people from different backgrounds who are trying to trust God and explore together how to live the life of God’s Spirit.  We are far from perfect, but we live in hope of a better world where what God wants happens.  That is why we spend time together praying and learning from the Bible.  It’s why we are involved in youth work through Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade.  It’s why we do Welcome Break and Tuesday Fellowship.  It’s why we make our building available as a meeting place for the local community.  It’s why we’re involved in housing issues through St Cuthbert’s Housing Association.  It’s why we support organisations like Off The Fence locally and Paraclete in Zimbabwe as they work alongside vulnerable people to make their lives better.


Who are we?  We are people on a journey of faith and hope.  Why not join us?


About Us
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